Temporary License Renewal Fee Increase

Due to increased overhead costs and gradually declining revenue due to a decline in the licensee population, the Board faces an urgent need to temporarily increase the license renewal fee to maintain its solvency.

To address the fund decline, the Board Chair, Executive Officer, and staff worked with the legislature to get a temporary fee increase included in SB 547 (Hill) which was later signed by Governor Brown.

SB 547 would, for one year, increase the license renewal fee to $300 effective January 1, 2018.

Long-Term Fiscal Planning:

The Board’s budget has become structurally unbalanced due to increasing overhead and declining revenue. To address this situation, the Board contracted with an accounting firm to conduct a comprehensive fee audit to determine what each fee should be based upon actual cost to perform the corresponding service. The Board received a report recommending an appropriate fee structure that will ensure a balanced budget and prudent reserve for economic uncertainties.

The fee audit report was presented to the Board at the October 24, 2017, Board Meeting.

BCE Fee Audit Report can be found here.